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After the Eclipse

After the Eclipse

​The full moon begins to set above Glyder Fach, Snowdonia. At the end of September 2015 there was a rare full lunar eclipse at the same time as a particularly large moon and so my brother and I met up in Snowdonia to go camping up in the mountains and see if we could capture the experience with a camera. We were blessed with fine weather that night and we saw the lunar eclipse under crystal clear skies up near a high ridge called Glyder Fach which overlooks the Snowdon Horseshoe to the west. The actual eclipse was really something to watch and enjoy rather than photograph, but as morning approached we hiked up to this location with crazy rocks strewn all around. For five minutes an amazing pre dawn glow mixed with the fading light of the moon to create this ethereal landscape that looks more like Mars than planet Earth. A magical night followed by an incredible dawn, happy days!

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